Bantayog Rough Typeface

Not every project needs a smooth and straightforward design because a noticeable change or a step away from what is expected can always shock your viewers. And since every client is looking for the unexpected, this typeface from John David Maza offers the new perspective you need for your next design.

Presenting Bantayog, a display, sans serif typeface with a rough design, and like all great things, it requires a second glance so you can really appreciate what it has to offer with its unique collection and slightly uneven letter borders. Artists don’t enjoy restrictions but they do enjoy choices, which is why this font comes with 2 weights, a regular style that holds a presence both in print and in digital projects and a lighter one with slimmer, more elegant characters for those who want another approach to their branding designs and subheadings.

Bantayog Typeface 1Bantayog Typeface 2Bantayog Typeface 3Bantayog Typeface 4Bantayog Typeface 6Bantayog Typeface 7Bantayog Typeface 8Bantayog Typeface 9Bantayog Typeface 10


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