Rahovets Retro Display Font

Fonts are some of the hardest tools to come up with as they take a lot of preparation for each letter, and most of their characteristics can even go unnoticed by viewers. But rest assured, it’ll be hard to ignore this peculiar font once you feature it in your designs.

This is Rahovets, from Fontease Type Foundry, a retro display font available for free for personal and commercial use. Not every font has an interesting origin, but this one is inspired by and named after an inscription on the most popular Bulgarian compact oven from the communist era. It supports Latin and Cyrillic languages and brings you a selection of characters where even the smallest of details like the thin tittles of its letters can be noticed. Although it’s a retro font, its usage in today’s projects is what will allow its thick strokes and small apertures to stand out when used both online and in print.

Rahovets Retro Display Font 2

Rahovets Retro Display Font 3Rahovets Retro Display Font 4

Rahovets Retro Display Font 5Rahovets Retro Display Font 6

Rahovets Retro Display Font 7


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