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Figma Social App Design UI Kit April 20, 2020 Report


Social App Design UI Kit is Figma mockup freebie

This is super stylish and minimalistic UI Kit. The design is clear and elegant.

Designers working on a responsive web experience need to design across small, medium, and large screen sizes to understand how each component should behave in different scenarios. But not all UI kits support that. The best results in design come when you think about the form and function components have across an app ecosystem. Dashboard Interface will take care of that for you—and set you up for a scalable source of design truth. Now is super easy to have stylish and basic website! The freebie has the perfect color contrast. It will definitely improve the look of your design project!


1 Figma fileUI KitSize: 46,8 MB

Feel free to use this freebie for your personal project ideas!

Social App Design UI Kit for Figma made by Paolo Spazzini

Enjoy this minimalistic UI freebie for Figma! It is super stylish and eye-catchy, with perfect color contrast. It will definitely improve the look of your app design or maybe will inspire you to create and design more! You will discover many courses and will find how the matching tool can help you to achieve your goals!

From the author

“Hi players
A little gift for all the Figma users out here. I wanted to try out what it takes to build a small (16 screens) responsive UI Kit. Double-checking all the details was pretty time consuming but the end result definitely worth it “

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