Thedus Display Font

Individuals, among them artists and designers, can find inspiration in the strangest of places and that can only lead to more successful creations. With one-line lyrics, creative pin designs, or movie quotes that allow us to present more, the sky becomes the limit. But if you haven’t found your inspiration yet, you can make use of Colin Philippe-Jan’s newest font Thedus. Thedus was inspired by the Weyland-Yutani logo from the Alien Universe, featuring its wide letters for a powerful all caps display font. Give tribute to the original inspiration by creating logotypes or use Thedus for your posters and signage designs. Don’t simply add headlines, but transform webpages and projects by adding that wow-factor to the scene.

The font comes with multiple weights including wide, condensed, stencil wide, and stencil condensed, with an italic version available for some, in addition to 27 ligatures and 113 pictograms and icons for a futuristic vision.

Thedus Display Font 15

Thedus Display Font 14Thedus Display Font 3

Thedus Display Font 12Thedus Display Font 8Thedus Display Font 1

Thedus Display Font 10

Thedus Display Font 9

Thedus Display Font 5Thedus Display Font 2

Thedus Display Font 7Thedus Display Font 6

Thedus Display Font 4

Thedus Display Font 13


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